We invest in game developers, esports and gaming technology



Spawn Ventures was founded in 2019 to identify gaming and esports entrepreneurs, invest early and join them on a value creating journey. Our investors are family offices, corporates and private investors. 

Spawn Ventures is a small and lean venture capital fund and we work with recognised industry leaders and advisors to make sure we deploy capital where it makes the most sense and in the right way. We are open and use a language and documentation everyone can understand. 

We are driven by our passion for gaming, entrepreneurship and business success. We feed on interactions with entrepreneurs, both current and prospective portfolio companies so do not hesitate to get in touch and remember that it's never too soon.  

We are based in Sydney but travel frequently to other states, New Zealand and overseas. 


Tomas Rossel

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Spawn Ventures was founded by Tomas Rossel. Tomas is a an experienced corporate financier having worked on media and tech M&A and fundraisings around the globe for over 15 years. Tomas has held multiple leadership roles in fintech, corporate finance and media and is also an active board member in esports.  

Tomas spends his free time with his wife and two kids and  loves doing oceans swim around Sydney.



We believe that Australian and New Zealand games entrepreneurs have the power to compete on a global scale. Spawn Ventures was created to identify these entrepreneurs, invest early and join them on a value creating journey. We invest in:

  • Top Notch Teams with clear commitment

  • Scalable business models corresponding to a genuine market need. 

  • Products tested in the market and with some data available 

  • Companies with a foreseeable path to the next level of financing or IPO or M&A. 

  • A vision and company culture aligned with our own


As an entrepreneur you should choose carefully when you select a new investor. At Spawn Ventures we take pride in being a true partner offering much more than just capital. We want to be the #1 home to entrepreneurs. Here are some of the ways in which we want to collaborate:


  • Trusted global sounding board and we can assist with board representation

  • Access to our global network of other developers, entrepreneurs and investors

  • Potential co investments from our network of other investors

  • Support with company building and strategic advice

  • Team building, HR and Compliance

  • Corporate Finance, Capital raising and strategy

  • Marketing and scaling


We give honest feed back and we are always available. We want to be our entrepreneurs' first call when needed.


Thanks for your message. We will get back to you asap



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We are true believers in the power and potential of games. We invest in indie studios and teams working on all platforms and in all genres. 

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We believe in the future of esports and search for companies in this ecosystem. For example we are looking for transactions software, educational applications of esports, anti cheat systems and online tournament organising tools. 


We are on the lookout for any technology related to gaming, game development  and esports including AR, VR, streaming tools, cloud and block chain.